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Malaysian Lady Consistently Repays PTPTN Loan, Discovers RM9,000 Outstanding Amount



Malaysian Lady Consistently Repays PTPTN Loan, Discovers RM9,000 Outstanding Amount - World Of Buzz 1
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A netizen, Fatheem Meleana has recently took to Facebook when she received an email out of the blue from PTPTN stating that she has an outstanding amount of Rm9,484.

Source: Fatheem FB

Desperate to unravel the mystery, she called up PTPTN and said:

“I received an email stating that I have an outstanding amount of RM9,484. I just want to know where did this amount came from. Because according to my statement, my repayment for PTPTN loan has been on time every month since 2010.”

According to the reply she received, apparently the outstanding amount has been in place since 2007 when she first graduated from university.

Fatheem then said:

“From 2007? Yes, there was a time when I paid inconsistently because I was jobless and when I finally got a job, the salary was too low. So I paid at the rate which I could afford. But starting from 2008, I’ve switched to Ujrah Scheme and never failed to pay every month since then based on the latest rate in my statement. Every month, I’ll update the figure in my statement but now, I received this email.”

What came next had pissed her off as the operator said:

“I’m sorry madam, the outstanding amount occurred before you switched to Ujrah Scheme. So the outstanding amount wasn’t updated inside your statement after the switch. That’s why the amount went unnoticed just like that.”

Fatheem replied:

“How is this possible? Why didn’t PTPTN inform me when I was offered to switch to Ujrah Scheme and that these were the amount I needed to clear? Why didn’t I receive a warning letter in the first 2 years when I was paying inconsistently?”

She was then told to personally go to a PTPTN counter in order to get a detailed break-down of her debt.

Obviously Fatheem was furious by the fact that no warning letter was issued and the outstanding amount went unnoticed for 9 years, and the small amount has snowballed into a whooping RM9,484.

To make things worse, Fatheem who was about to leave the country discovered that she had been blacklisted and was barred from flying out of country. Yikes!

Her post has went viral and was shared over 5,000 times in just 2 days. Netizens left their similar experience down at the comment section.

“I experienced the same thing the other day. Make sure you keep every single document regarding your loan. They come in handy when you need to fight with PTPTN in court. If necessary, record the conversation between you and the officer,” a netizen said.

“I had a conversation with PTPTN officer and was told to start repaying even before I graduate. Despite my consistent repayment, there’s still outstanding amount of RM1,000. My husband has outstanding amount of RM6,000 plus and reaching Rm7,000 soon. Every month, he is charged with RM200 just for the interest,” another netizen commented.

So guys, just head to your nearest PTPTN counter and sort things out if you have any doubt. It’s scary to see how a small amount can snowball into jaw-dropping numbers in just a few years.

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