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Malaysian Girl Transforms Herself Into Disney Characters And They Were Incredible!



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Malaysian make up artist Saraswati has got some skills, especially when she picks up her brush.

Saraswati got the world admiring as she dabs on make up perfectly to transform herself into Disney characters.

Who says the hijab is a bother? We truly loved and admire Saraswati for embracing it and creatively made it part of her costumes.

After finishing her gorgeous look, she’d often post it on her Instagram account, @queenofluna. The talented lady has over 200k followers currently and is growing everyday!

The mother-of-two has not only mastered the art of face paint, but she is able to cleverly make her headscarf complete the look.

Check them out!


1. Princess Jasmine

Princess Jasmine

Princess Jasmine


2. Tinker Belle

Tinker Bell


3. Cheshire Cat

Cheshire Cat


4. Cruella de Vil

Cruella de Vil


5. Alice



6. Ariel



7. Pocahontas



8. Jafar



9. Mulan



10. Belle



11. Ursula



12. Red Queen

Red Queen


Apparently she’s a comic geek and a “disnerd”. That probably explains her passion to recreate them on her face. Recently she just compiled her Batman series too!

batman series



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