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Malaysian “Doctor” Shares Unorthodox Treatment Online, Shocks the World



Malaysian "Doctor" Shares Unorthodox Way of Curing Slipped Discs, Shocks the World - World Of Buzz 2
Source: Coconuts & Beny Salim
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On and off, Malaysia garners worldwide attention. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s not all for good reasons. Every year, something new pops up and people will be wondering just what on Earth is wrong with us.

Yet another Malaysian shocked the world after a video of him demonstrating a chiropractic technique of his went viral internationally, KL Coconuts reported.

Apparently, this man claims to be a chiropractor who treats all sorts of medical illnesses using his own methods. As for correcting slipped discs, he uses a marker pen, a cloth, a wooden block and AN ACTUAL HAMMER!

Malaysian 'Doctor' - World Of Buzz 1

Source: Beny Salim

Malaysian "Doctor" Shares Unorthodox Way of Curing Slipped Discs, Shocks the World - World Of Buzz 1

This is so wrong on so many levels!

His technique includes feeling for bones that are out of place and use a marker pen to mark them on the patient’s back. This is all done while the patient is supposed to lie on their stomachs on a massage table.

Once he has found the slipped disc, he would then place a wooden block over that misaligned bone with the cloth acting as a layer of protection. Then, he would hammer away at the bone! What the @#$!

Source: Md Rosdi Hasan

After learning about such an unorthodox case, an actual doctor named Mahyuddin Mohamed took to social media to raise awareness of the dangers of this practice.

In his Facebook post, he did his best to clarify how slipped discs are actually treated. He said,

“To treat slipped discs, one cannot simply knock here and there. The lines which were roughly drawn like this are completely INACCURATE.”

“To find out the location of the slipped discs, doctors will ask for symptoms and do multiple tests. The diagnosis will then be confirmed through an MRI scan.”

“Non-surgical treatments such as prescribing medicine, physiotherapy, and spinal bone care will first be given to the patient. A majority of patients will be cured.”

“For the more serious cases, surgery MAY need to be done.”

Malaysian 'Doctor' - World Of Buzz 2

Dr Mahyuddin then explained exactly how and why the traditional doctor’s treatment can go wrong.

“Anatomically speaking, it is impossible for a slipped disc to go back to its position by this knocking. The impact of the hammering won’t reach the slipped discs because they need to be hit from the front and not the back.”

“His knocks will only be skin deep and maybe bruise the back muscles. Worst comes to worst, if he knocks a little too hard, the spinal process or spinal cord will break!”

“Instead of getting a slipped disc treated, you’ll end up PARALYSED!”

Malaysian 'Doctor' - World Of Buzz 3

So, if you suffer from any medical condition, it is best to visit a real medical doctor instead of unscrupulous ones like this guy.

Who knows, you might end up with bigger and possibly irreversible problems! Stay safe, guys!

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