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Malaysian Doctor Reveals Cheap Medical Fees We had Taken for Granted All Along



Malaysian Doctor Reveals Cheap Medical Fees We had Taken for Granted All Along - World Of Buzz
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Most of us Malaysians complain about how expensive living in Bolehland is, especially with our petrol price hiked on what seem to be a regular basis.

However, did you know that our country has one of the best healthcare systems in the world?

Public hospitals or clinics do offer treatments for as cheap as RM1! Often, you’d hear people complaining about the long waits. Cheap ma, so everybody’s lining up for it!

BUT truth is, we never never actually knew the amount the services actually cost, and how much it has been subsidised.

Recently, a doctor for the Emergency Department in HKL, Dr. Alzamani Mohammad Idrose, revealed on Facebook the costs for the treatments. And it definitely surprised a lot of netizens.

He shares,


He revealed that in truth, a whole lot of money is subsidised which we never realised. As much as RM1249 at a conservative figure!

In fact, the figure could go up higher if fluids, antibiotics, painkiller injections, nursing services and bed use/accommodation for observation and charting costs are included. Other additional costs apply if patient requires resuscitation, procedures, ventilators.

He gives another example for outpatient treatment:

“Outpatient treatment at the Emergency Department with simple fever but requiring blood tests, CXR, antibiotics and observation (no CT SCAN, Ultrasound) the estimated cost is RM 500.

“You pay RM1 and we absorb RM499.”

“We just hope you don’t value us as only RM1.

“Because we know our worth.”

He has written his post after sharing a very touching story by another fellow Malaysian, Razali Raihayu.

His post definitely opened the eyes of many Malaysians that had taken the public hospital for granted and did nothing but complain about them.

“Kita rakyat Malaysia memang kena bersyukur dari semua segi terutama kesihatan dan pendidikan serta peluang kerja,” one wrote.

I can vouch for government clinics and hospitals. They’ve been friendly, professional and caring each time I’m there. We’re lucky to have affordable health care. Compared to my visit to some private hospitals, I felt they’re better in diagnosing and minimise pain for the patients too.” another commented.

It’s definitely surprising to know how much is being subsidised without us realising. So at least from now on, give them a break yea?

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