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Malaysian Company Offers Illegal Way of Obtaining Driver’s License, Claims 100% from JPJ



Unethical Malaysian Company Offers Illegal Way of Obtaining Driver's License - World Of Buzz
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Getting a driver’s license in Malaysia has become disgustingly easy over the past couple of decades. Because as long as you have money, it’s all good.

Unethical Malaysian Company Offers Illegal - World Of Buzz

Before this, paying under table money to get a license illegally was something done through word of mouth only. It was kept very hush hush.

Now however, it seems like these dodgy businesses have become more blatant about their illegal and unethical doings.

A Malaysian company which offers illegal driver’s licenses recently ADVERTISED their services on Facebook!

The page wrote in their post,

“No license? Too busy? No time to get your license? Always fail the tests? Can’t be bothered to go for the tests? A housewife?”

“If yes, then you’re at the right page. We can get you a driver’s license without taking any tests!”

They even went as far to guarantee the ease of getting these licenses.

  • 100% original from JPJ
  • No need to sit through tests
  • You can choose whichever license you want
  • Can be renewed
  • There will be a record in the JPJ system

Aside from the questionable assurance (100% from JPJ like whut?), they even gave promotional prices. For each types of driver’s license, there was a special offer.

B2 – RM700
B (full) – RM1,000
D (M) – RM1,400
D (A) – RM1,500
GDL – RM1,000
E (f) – RM500
B2D – RM1,700

Of course, this has garnered the attention of many Malaysians who were interested in this very illegal deal. Some wanted to procure their licenses through this unethical deal.

Meanwhile, a rational group of people condemned the page and their crooked business.

One particular netizen was so upset about this due to the recent case of the girl who drove against traffic having a questionable driver’s license due to her learning disability.

“Cindy who is OKU and cannot learn properly could easily get a license because of stupid people who do this kind of business.

“Because of ‘easy’ ways to get a license, more and more road accidents are taking place. More people are dying in accidents! This is wrong so don’t do this! Better report the page!”

Indeed, we at WORLD OF BUZZ highly discourage all our readers from entertaining such dishonest ways of obtaining a license. I mean, our nation’s accident death rate is already disgustingly high!

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