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Malaysian Boyfriend Proposes With Flowers Made Out Of Money Worth RM13,000 On Valentine’s



Malaysian Boyfriend Proposes With Money Flower Worth RM13,000 On Valentine's Day - World Of Buzz
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Valentine’s Day is the day of love. And this young man has certainly put in a lot of effort to make it memorable for his girlfriend.

A young entrepreneur, Ong Kai Sheng has decided to proposed to his girlfriend of 4 years on Valentine’s Day. To make it memorable, he spent RM13,200 worth of banknotes to make a customized bouquet of flowers that comprised of 62 roses.

As expected, his girlfriend, Leng Sheng Phan was surprised when Ong showed up with a bouquet of flowers made from money and proposed to her at the restaurant.

“I thought it was just a lunch date with him. I really did cry. Thank you for all the love and care you’ve showered me with throughout the journey. You were there for me when I was sick and sad. Our love is immortalised by these 62 money roses. And darling, yes, I do,” Leng wrote on her Facebook.  

The romantic proposal went viral as netizens poured in their best wishes for the newly engaged couple.

Some netizens were also astonished by the amount of money Ong spent to create the flower bouquet, while some cheeky ladies started hinting their own boyfriends by tagging them in the post.

“Walao eh, a bouquet of flower cost more than RM10,000?” commented a netizen.

“XXX, this is what a real flower should look like,” said a netizen after tagging her boyfriend. 

Ong revealed that real flowers will easily wilt but roses made from banknotes will not, hence symbolising eternity love, according JB talks.

“62 roses signify that my love for her will remain for eternity. Hopefully this bouquet of roses will successfully make her my wife,” Ong said.

Malaysian Boyfriend Proposes With Flowers Made Out Of Money Worth RM13,000 On Valentine's - World Of Buzz

In order to create this one-of-the-kind flower bouquet, the florist revealed that 100 pieces of RM20 notes, 111 pieces of RM100 notes and 25 pieces of soap flowers were used. It took him a week to complete the project.

Source: JB talks

“There are 25 heart-shaped roses in the centre. Each rose is made up of 1 soap flower and 4 pieces of Rm20 notes. The roses were surrounded by 37 purple money flowers. Each purple flower is made of 3 pieces of RM100 notes,” the florist commented. 

“I’ve helped many customers to make money flowers before, but this particular customer requested me to use RM100 notes, which made this the most expensive money flower given on Valentine’s Day,” the florist added. 

So guys, if you’re proposing to your girlfriend, you better up your flower game. Also, congratulations to the newly engaged couple from World Of Buzz!

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