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Malaysian Bar Fully Supports Ambiga to Be the Next Attorney-General



Malaysian Bar Fully Supports Ambiga to be the Next Attorney-General - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Malaysiakini
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When Tun Mahathir said heads of departments will fall, he wasn’t kidding.

Just this afternoon (14 May 2018), attorney-general (AG) Apandi Ali has been put on immediate leave after he was suspected of concealing evidence regarding the infamous 1MDB scandal.

With the AG position being vacant, the Malaysian Bar has voiced out their full support towards its former president, Ambiga Sreenevasan to fill in the shoe. The current bar president George Varughese said Ambiga is the perfect candidate for this job because she is not a politician.

“If Ambiga is appointed as the new AG, she would ensure that the chambers would be free from political influences and interference,” George told Malaysiakini.

Also, he added that an attorney-general must have impeccable character in order to give sound advice to the prime minister. Most importantly, the new AG should be against race, religion and gender-biased politics.

“To this, Ambiga meets this criteria. Hence, she enjoys the confidence and support of the Malaysian Bar should she be chosen for the post,” he said. 

Another reason why Ambiga should hold this position is because she was the chairperson of Bersih. Despite receiving multiple death threats and bullets, Ambiga never backs down and continues fighting for a clean election and against corruption. Respect! 

Source: Malay Mail

Malaysians were delighted to hear this suggestion as the AG is a critical position in reforming the country and putting crooked leaders behind bars.

“Very sensible and most righteous candidate for the next new AG. Ambiga is a super woman in the eyes of rakyat, there’s no doubt about that,” a netizen said.

“She is the real unsung hero. With her Bersih rally and her guts to stand up to the previous government, she is one in a million,” another Facebook user commented. 

We hope the new federal government would seriously consider the Malaysian Bar’s suggestion and let Ambiga hold this important position. What’s your thoughts on this? Do you think Ambiga will make a suitable AG for our country?


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