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Maid Found With RM15,000 Hidden in Her Genitals After Stealing it From Employer



Source: wvxu &Business Times
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Maids stealing money from their employers is not an uncommon story, and most of the time, these maids will either be sent back to their home country or be arrested, depending on the severity of their crime.

Recently, a Filipino maid managed to steal more than S$8,000 (RM24,390) from her employer, similar to many stories we’ve heard, but what she did after being caught was something rather… unusual.

According to The Star, Bajo Nelgielyn Bobita, 28, who was employed by businessman Lee See Boon, 69, to cook and clean for his household, was doing her chores on 22nd Feb when she decided to go into her employer’s room to look for valuables. 

Successfully unlocking Lee’s safe, she stole S$3,000 (RM9,135) and sent half of it back to her family in the Philippines two days later. On 3 March, she remitted the rest of the money.

Three days later, she attempted to steal from her boss again and managed to take S$5,002 (RM15,230) from Lee’s safe. Lee, noticing that his money was missing when he opened the safe later that day, immediately alerted the police after suspecting that Bobita had taken his money.

The police arrested her and took her to Changi Women’s Prison after charging her in court on 8th March.

However, while they were doing a body scan on the maid, they detected a foreign object hidden somewhere inside her genitals. After the object was removed, it was found to be a plastic bag containing the S$5,002 (RM15,230) that she had stolen earlier.

Source: wvxu

Bobita was then sentenced to prison for 16 weeks on 9th May after pleading guilty to two theft charges. She made no restitution for the S$3,000 (RM9,146) she stole earlier.

Well, that’s one way of hiding things, I guess. But please don’t try it yourself!


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