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Lorry Driver Blocks Emergency Lane To Stop Irresponsible Users From Abusing It



Lorry Driver Takes Matters Into Own Hands, Partially Blocks Emergency Lane To Stop Irresponsible Users From Misusing - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Buzzkini / Twitter
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It is a known fact that most Malaysian roads can get pretty congested, especially during the holiday seasons. And some drivers look for ways to save the hassle and break the rules if the opportunity to do so presents itself.

Drivers would commit all kinds of ridiculous offences — speeding, queue jumping, overtaking on a double line, and the worst of all — driving in the emergency lane.

Source: Kosmo

While hefty fines are enforced against those who are caught, it does not stop others from offending.

Sick of all these lowlives, a truck driver took things into his own hands and attempted to stop irresponsible drivers from misusing the emergency lane by partially blocking it, as spotted by a fellow road user.

In his tweet, @nazirulhakim_ writes, “It is a nuisance seeing people misuse the emergency lane to beat the traffic. Astonishingly, a truck appeared and partially blocked the emergency lane. Good job Abang Lori.”

The viral tweet shows just how much people despise those who misuse the emergency lane for their benefit.

Source: Buzz Kini

But if you think traffic offenders couldn’t get any lower, one netizen shared how some retaliate after being blocked from using the emergency lane.

“We once did it during a traffic jam at the Genting Highlands roundabout. We were honked by a vehicle, but we did not care. If others can be considerate, then you should be considerate too.”

Another shared a video of how bad the situation has gotten, especially in highway traffic jams.

“Here is an example of how ‘people’ misuse the emergency lane just now.”

Despite warnings from the authorities that offenders will be met with an RM300 summon, incidences like these continue to happen — forcing other road users to take matters into their own hands.

We urge road users to observe the law and be mindful of others. If you do not want to get stuck in traffic, plan your journey. 

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