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Local Newspaper Gets Massive Backlash After Publishing ‘Traits’ of LGBT



Local Newspaper Gets Massive Backlash After Publishing 'Traits' of LGBT - WORLD OF BUZZ 1
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For decades, the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community has always been on the receiving end of unfair treatment. They are constantly judged and blamed by society whenever they come out of the closet.

Thankfully, things are slowly changing these days and there are now groups that stand up for the LGBT community; which is why when this local newspaper published a list generalising the ‘characteristics’ of LGBT, netizens were understandably upset.

We bought the newspaper and read it ourselves.

Just to be clear, the article was about a preacher educating members of the public on how to approach the LGBT community and to guide them. On top of that, the article said that it is better to persuade them rather than punish them as it would cause them to become rebellious.

Source: WOB

“We have to practise ‘more connection, less correction’. Also, we should approach them with love and take interest in their livelihood,” Ustaz Hanafiah said. 

As you can see, the article wasn’t meant to criticise the community. However, on the lower right corner, a list of LGBT ‘characteristics’ was published. Did you just…

Here’s the brief translation of the list.

Characteristics of gay people:

(Those who adopt the male gender role)

  • Wears fitting clothes that show off their six-pack
  • Frequents the gym just to ogle at others instead of working out
  • Loves having pet siblings
  • Keeps a moustache and beard
  • Likes wearing branded clothes

(Those who adopt the female gender role)

  • Loves ogling at handsome men (usually with their big round eyes)

Characteristics of lesbians:

  • Hates men and loves talking bad about them
  • Isolates oneself
  • Easily jealous
  • Likes hugging and holding each other’s hands while walking

Source: WOB

As expected, this issue began making its rounds on Facebook (including a screenshot of part of the article) and netizens have been criticising the newspaper for stereotyping the LGBT community.

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

What’s your thought on this? Do you agree with the characteristics listed out by the newspaper? 


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