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Lady’s Urine Turns Black Due to Dead Muscle After 1 Hour of Cycling



Lady's Muscle Died and Urine Turns Black After Cycling on Stationary Bike For 1 Hour - World Of Buzz
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We often hear from hardcore fitness enthusiasts that it’s not possible to overdo exercise (in the long run at least), but this high school student just proved them wrong after she was admitted to the ICU for pushing herself too hard in the gym.

Recently, a high school student named Xiao Lan, who had just finished her final examinations decided to hop on a weight-loss programme to shed the extra fats on her body.

The girl from Wuhan, China weighed 75kg and wanted to get herself a new look before the school reopens, as reported by Sinchew.

Source: Sinchew

To achieve that, she went to a gym and cycled for an hour on a stationary bike. Although this may not be the most explosive workout, her muscles just couldn’t keep up with her exercise since she barely exercised before this.

In the next few days, her calves were reportedly in excruciating pain and her urine had turned black. The colour was even described as “the colour of soy sauce”.

Concerned about her health, she went to a hospital for treatment. The doctor was shocked when her test results were out.

“The reading of muscle enzymes and myoglobin for normal people is between 100 and 200, but her reading clocked in at above 20,000!” the doctor said. 

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According to the doctor, Xiao Lan was diagnosed with Rhabdomyolysis, a condition where dead muscle fibres release their contents into the bloodstream. This can cause serious complications such as kidney failure, which could lead to death.

The doctor revealed that Xiao Lan’s condition was most likely caused by her sudden increase in rigorous exercise. Her muscles weren’t used to the intense training and eventually died, thus releasing the enzymes and myoglobin into the bloodstream, which could even potentially damage other organs.

Source: Youtube

Luckily, she was reported to be in stable condition after the doctor successfully replenished liquid in her body and removed toxins from her blood.

Hence, beginners who are just starting their fitness journey were advised to gradually increase the intensity and take more rest if the muscles start to feel sore. Water intake should be increased as well to flush out all the toxins in the blood.

Many of us love to push ourselves in the gym, but if you’re a beginner, slow and steady la guys.


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