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Lady Warns Malaysians Working in Australia After Getting Conned RM28,000



Malaysian Lady Working in Australia Got Cheated RM28k When Sending Money Home - World Of Buzz
Source: Facebook
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Many Malaysians tend to flock overseas to work because of the lucrative income, which is also due to the higher currency exchange rate. But life in foreign countries may not always be sunshine and rainbows as this lady’s money was conned during a remittance.

Recently, a netizen named Leong, who works in Melbourne, Australia took it to Facebook to remind fellow Malaysians who are working overseas to be cautious when hiring a remittance service.

Source: Facebook

Here’s what she wrote:

“To those who are working in Australia, please be on the lookout for this conman when you want to send money back to Malaysia. Unfortunately, all the money I’ve earned in Australia has been cheated by this conman.”

“The reason why I’m posting this up is to prevent other Malaysians from repeating my mistake. Anyone who can identify the conman will be rewarded with RM5,000.”

Leong also clarified that the mistake stems from her brother’s carelessness as he was too lazy to go to a bank to transfer the money. So he decided to try out the company that claims to have over 25 years of experience in this field after being recommended by a friend.

Source: Facebook

“My younger brother was careless, he didn’t personally know the guy nor met him before. And he simply transferred the money to the man. In total, my brother and I lost AUD$9,000 (approximately RM28,841),” Leong added. 

Besides that, Leong also included some details about the conman and the company that cheated their money.

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

Naturally, netizens were enraged and are currently doing what they do best, which is identifying people through social media. Let’s hope the conman can be located soon.

So guys, always be careful when employing services from a third party as con-men are everywhere nowadays.

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