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Lady Sexually Assaulted by Neighbour Because He Was Turned On While She Was Breastfeeding



Source: Sosok / Guardian
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Such a despicable act! 

A young mother – who wants to be known as MS – was breast-feeding her newborn baby when she was raped by her neighbour who couldn’t control himself at the sight of her breasts.

Lobak Merah wrote that the 33-year-old woman was spied on by the pervert from his house, whilst she was feeding her infant at her home in South Sumatra, Indonesia.

During the incident, the woman’s husband was out hunting for frogs, and the disgusting man, who was turned on by the sight, strapped a machete to his belt whilst still watching MS.

Source: Sosok

The creep then snuck into her house at midnight, threatened her with the machete and raped her. After the husband came back from his hunt, he saw his poor wife crying in fear, and she told her husband everything that had happened to her.

Following that, her husband did what every enraged husband would do – he lodged a police report. According to the police, the victim couldn’t fight back because the criminal was armed with a machete, and she was afraid that he would harm her baby. Poor lady!

Thankfully, the police have already caught the 38-year-old criminal, and he is currently under trial. He will face a jail sentence of five years if he is found guilty. Serves him right!

On that note, we hope that the poor lady will seek professional advice which will help her overcome the tragic trauma that she endured that night.


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