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Lady Confronts Abusive Man in KLIA, Gets Called Out for Not Wearing Tudung



Lady Confronts Abusive Man in KLIA, Gets Called Out for Not Wearing Tudung - World Of Buzz 1
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With over 7 billion people in the world, we’re bound to meet people with odd characters. While some peculiar characters are unique and lovable, others are just downright obnoxious. You know, the ones that make you go, “wtheck goes through their minds???”

A lady known as Suri recently took to Facebook to share her frustrating encounter with a very rude man in KLIA. Not only did this man abuse his wife in public, he had the audacity to call out Suri for not wearing a tudung after she confronted him!

Suri mentions how it all began when she tried catching the train back from KLIA with a friend.

“We walked down the escalators and as we came down the final one towards to end of the hallway, I saw some guy pushing and shoving who I presumed to either be his girlfriend or wife repeatedly. She managed to escape his grasp but he was about to go after her.”

Angered by the disgusting sight of a man physically abusing his female partner, she couldn’t help but confront him straight away.

Here’s how their exchange went down, according to Suri:

“Me: Eh, please don’t belasah-belasah your girlfriend.

“Asshole: Eh, that’s my wife! (As if that made it all ok!)

“Me: Ha, if that’s your wife, the ever more you shouldn’t be hitting her. What’s up with that?”

The man, infuriated by Suri’s confrontation, retorted, “What’s your problem now?” while trying to get in her face, and puffing his chest.

Meanwhile, his friend who was standing behind several pieces of luggage on the side kept telling her not to get involved.

Suri who did not find the situation appropriate at all stood her ground and continued pointing out the man’s actions.

“Me: Eh, if he’s hitting his wife like this, it’s not only my problem, but everyone’s problem! I can report –

“Asshole: Report? report ah!!! Bitch! Don’t get involved in my business.”

“At this moment, his wife came along and tried to apologise for her husband’s behavior. She assured me that she was okay, when the man suddenly yelled,

“Who are you to interfere in my business? Dahlah you’re not wearing a tudung!!”

“I was walking away at this point, but when he yelled that out, I turned around, and yelled back: “Hey! Lelaki melayu dayus, dah lah that you hit your own wife and your mouth macam sial, but you still have the heart to criticise me for not wearing a tudung? This is the problem when someone’s stupid!”

“I turned and walked away. Of course, the stupid name calling doesn’t stop, and I can hear him cussing in the background. When I finally remembered that it would make sense to take a picture of him, I was already behind the turnstile. Whenever I pointed the phone towards him, he would attempt to hide behind someone, and flick me off on the side 🙄.”

Lady Confronts Abusive Man in KLIA, Gets Called Out for Not Wearing Tudung - World Of Buzz
Source: Facebook/Suri

Netizens who came across her post saluted her for being brave and confronting the man for his behaviour, many pointed out the outrageousness of the man scolding her for not ‘wearing tudung’. Others also expressed their concern for the wife as this is obviously domestic violence that should be stopped.

Good on you to speak up! So typical of that guy who is a no brainer. Pakai tudung or tak pakai tukung is not the issue here. Iman didada is only between you and Allah,” one netizen commented.

“It is sad the wife is unlikely to report domestic abuse (or maybe report then cancel). The stigma bringing up marital problems haunts the troubled spouse. I hope the woman is able to save herself from such marriage,” another user wrote.

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