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Kids Harness Quickly Sells Out in Malaysia, Causes Mixed Reactions Among Netizens



Kids Harness Sells Out Quickly Online, Causes Many Mixed Reactions Among Netizens - World Of Buzz 3
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Little kids are a joy to have and a delightful addition to the family. But we understand that sometimes, they can be a handful to control, which causes much trouble to weary parents who need to run after them.

And with so many child snatchers nowadays, one can never be too careful! But parents are humans too, and sometimes they need a little help to keep their kids under control. You’ll understand this if you have a kid yourself!

Source: Penjual Barang Import Murah

Which is probably why this company’s child harness has sold out so quickly online and also caused many mixed reactions among netizens about the usage of what is essentially a leash for your kid.

The kid harness only costs RM25 without postage and many tired parents feel that this is a good solution to make sure their playful little ones do not get lost when they are in public.

The harness is wrapped around your child’s wrist while the other end is also wrapped around the parent’s hand.

The naysayers commented, “This is terrible, treating your child like a pet! What your child needs is to feel a reassuring hand holding their little hands, and not to be leashed like a dog. These things are degrading!”

But the supporters hit back and said, “What if you bring out three small children and you only have two hands? How do you keep track of them? These will give me peace of mind as my little one is really active and likes to run very fast.”

Judging from the rate that it was sold out, it seems that many parents feel the need of having one! And don’t worry if you haven’t had the chance to buy one because they are restocking and the stock will be arriving at the end of May. ūüėČ

What are your thoughts on the kids harness?

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