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Kedah Volunteer Told To Stop Assisting Malay Accident Victim Because He’s Not Malay



Kedah Volunteer Told To Stop Assisting Malay Accident Victim Because He's Not Malay - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Wayne Ooi Facebook & Wayne Ooi Facebook
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While Malaysia takes pride in our cultural and racial harmony, some incidents may still prove that we have quite a ways to go where unity is concerned, such as this one that was recently uploaded by Facebook user Ooi Shou Wayne.

The post, which was uploaded two days ago (13th November 2019), occurred when Wayne was trying to attend to a severely injured victim of an accident. Explaining that he works as a ‘community responder’, he says that he tends to offer assistance to locals who are living within the Alor Setar community in Kedah.

As he was approaching the scene of the accident, which was already surrounded by a relatively large group of people, two members from the crowd stopped him from trying to reach the victim. According to Wayne, they did so before saying:

“Woi, you’re Chinese aren’t you? What are you doing here? We don’t need your help here! Stand back. We want only Malays to help out. I’ve already called an ambulance. We’ll wait for the paramedics to arrive.”

“You don’t need to show-off what you can do here. All you Chinese have no good intentions. If you don’t leave, I’ll beat you up.”

Thankfully, other members of the public were quick to come to Wayne’s defense and persuaded the two men to allow Wayne to provide aid to the accident victims. Wayne goes on to add that while he was disappointed that such remarks were being made, he was still proud of the fact that he is a Malaysian all the same.

He will continue to go on offering assistance and help to Malaysians who need it, regardless of race and mentions how this incident hasn’t dampened his spirit to continue serving the public.

Netizens who had read the post have shown their support for Wayne’s efforts, and have told him that the community appreciates the help he has offered. Some have also reminded him not to be discouraged by the remarks of naysayers, and that they do not represent the whole of the Malay community.

“Please keep it up and thank you for your service.”

“You’re doing great work for continuing the practice of good virtues.”

“Be patient, boss. Continue your good service to the community. All races depend on one another.”

“I don’t like the behaviour of those two men, and they do not represent the actions of all Malays and Muslims. Please be patient in your service to the community. I hope that you will be granted strength to do your work and receive many good returns for it.”

Whatever the case is, we definitely hope that Wayne continues his good service to the local community of Alor Setar, especially in light of the support he has garnered!


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