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Kedah Man Shocked After Tesco Mistakenly Charges Him Over RM1,700 For Serai



Source: Facebook & Kanal247
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Going grocery shopping can be an ordeal especially when you’re trying to stick to your budget but can’t help but fill up the cart.

For one man in Kedah though, his self-control shone through for he managed to only get the groceries that he needed from a Tesco in Mergong, but life had other plans for him.

Fahmi Jamil shared in a viral Facebook posting of an incident he experienced upon checking out his groceries at the Tesco counter that shook both him and the cashier. The total amount for his groceries came up to a whopping RM1,882.16 after staff members wrongly labelled the price of his serai!

Bil barang dapur dekat RM1900!Terkejut cashier dan saya bila bil total RM1882.16. Cashier lelaki tersebut tanya saya,…

Posted by Fahmi Jamil on Sunday, July 21, 2019

Fahmi explains in his posting that even the cashier was shocked at the amount due, asking Fahmi if he had really bought so much to the point that his groceries had gone up to that price.

Source: Facebook

“I answered, no way would kitchen items and food come up to this price. He then asked another staff member nearby for some help. She looked through my groceries that were already in plastics. After a while, she detected that the Serai was wrongly priced at RM1746.36.”

The Tesco staff member then checked on the actual price of the serai, which was actually only RM0.45.


Luckily, they had solved the problem before Fahmi paid, as he asked the staff member jokingly, “Let’s say if I were to have paid the bill first (as I was going to use my credit card), could I have gotten a refund?”

“If you were to have swiped your card earlier, then it would be my responsibility to compensate for the mistake,” responded the staff member. A close call that was!

Fahmi added in his explanation that, “The ‘daun ketum’ above the serai in the bill is actually short for ‘daun ketumbar'” which is coriander and not the hallucinogenic leaves.”

Despite the somewhat ridiculous mistake by the weighing station of the hypermarket, Fahmi commended both the staff member and the cashier for their quick and helpful reaction to the situation.

His posting has since garnered over 3,000 shares.

The lesson here is, always double check the pricing of your items as mistakes can happen at any time.


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