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Johor’s Stunning Blue Lake Closed to Public After Visitors were Polluting the Area



Johor's Stunning Blue Lake Closed to Public After Visitors Found Polluting the Area - World Of Buzz
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This is what happens when we take things in life for granted.

Kangkar Pulai Blue Lake shot to fame recently due to its breathtaking view and crystal-clear blue water. However, this paradise on Earth was suddenly announced to be closed to the public by its owner today. I’ve never been there before 🙁

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According to Oriental Daily, Blue Lake rose to fame rapidly after the outbreak of leptospirosis at the Gunung Pulai waterfall last month. Since the waterfall was announced unsafe by the government, the public shifted their focus to this rather secluded lake and judging by how beautiful it is, they quickly fell in love with it.

The number of visitors to Blue Lake boomed overnight with many who came here for an adventurous hiking excursion.

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Source: Instagram

Unfortunately, heavy traffic to this land has contributed to numerous environmental issues. The land owner of Blue Lake complained that the visitors had left behind trails of rubbish. Besides, some hunters even blatantly hunted for wild boars and birds on this private property. Why la…

Moreover, some irresponsible individuals also fished at the lake, which subsequently polluted the water. All these activities have ultimately ruined the beautiful landscape of Blue Lake and the owner had to take drastic measures to stop this. To protect it from being further damaged, the owner has sealed off all entrances and declared the area as off-limits to the public.

Plus, it was reported that mining activities involving explosions will resume soon. Hence for safety reasons, the public, especially hikers, are urged to stay clear of the area.

To those who have not been there yet, I guess we can only appreciate the beauty of Blue Lake through the screen of our laptops, no thanks to the litterbugs.

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