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Johor Traditional Healer Suddenly Goes Berserk, Attacks Couple & Commits Suicide



Johor Traditional Healer Suddenly Goes Berserk, Attacks Couple & Committed Suicide - WORLD OF BUZZ
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Disclaimer: Some images in this article contain graphic content and may be disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised. 

In an unexpected turn of events, a married couple was lucky enough to escape death after a traditional healer went berserk out of the blue. NST reported that the traditional healer suddenly went into a trance-like state and started attacking them with a parang during a treatment session.

After that, the healer proceeded to lock himself up in a room and committed suicide. The horrifying incident took place at the couple’s house at Taman Kiara Mas 2, Kluang at around 10.30am yesterday (Jan 17).

According to Kluang police chief Assistant Commissioner Mohd Abduh Ismail, the couple who are both in their 40s, escaped the situation with minor cuts.

Source: Facebook

The police chief also said that the 25-year-old traditional healer who worked as a bank clerk was pretty close to the couple. In fact, the healer actually went to the couple’s house to help treat the wife who is believed to a “victim of sorcery”.

Abduh was quoted as saying,

“He had been treating the woman for some time.”

“However, this time around he suddenly went into a trance-like state and became aggressive… the couple claimed he acted as though he was possessed.”

Thankfully, the couple managed to run out of the room where the treatment took place and quickly called the police for help. When the police reached there, they tried to coax the man out of the room but to no avail.

Therefore, several policemen decided to break the door open and they found the man “lying in a pool of blood”. The traditional healer was found with stab wounds on his chest and a keris near his corpse. As of now, Abduh said that the man’s body was sent for post-mortem.

Source: Facebook

We are glad that the couple managed to escape the incident with minor injuries. That said, the police have yet to confirm the reasons behind the actions of the traditional healer. Perhaps, we should wait a little longer for more details on the case from the authorities. 


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