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Johor Boy Found with Shirt Soaked in Blood After Stepdad & Mum Abused Him with Electric Cable



Johorean Boy Abused by Stepfather and Mum with Rice Cooker Cable - WORLD OF BUZZ 1
Source: China Press
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Children are supposed to be safest at home with their families, but sadly it was the opposite for this boy from Johor. 

This poor boy was found by neighbours wearing a shirt soaked in blood and when they questioned him, he admitted that his stepfather and mother had physically abused him with a rice cooker’s electrical cable. That’s cruel! 

Source: China Press

According to China Press, his back had been beaten until it bled, and pictures show a combination of fresh wounds as well as slow-recovering scars, which indicate that the abuse may have gone on for some time. Upon discovering the horrific incident, the boy’s neighbours immediately filed a police report. Shortly after, the police detained the stepfather and mother of the victim.

Johorean Boy Abused by Stepfather and Mum with Rice Cooker Cable - WORLD OF BUZZ

Source: China Press

The boy, who appears to be teenaged, and his family are residents of a flat in Kampung Batu Bakar, a village situated in Johor. At the time writing, it is unclear where the boy is currently at, and whether there were any triggering events that led to the abuse.

[Update]: Additional information on the plight of the boy has emerged, in which it is learned that the child is 12 years old, and had been abused for over two years by the time the police report was lodged. In the new report by Oriental Daily, police have also seized other items suspected of being used to inflict physical abuse, such as microphone cables, hangers and a bamboo cane. The stepfather is believed to be a 29-year-old Malaysian, who married the boy’s foreigner 38-year-old biological mother.

The stepfather used to be a policeman with the Puchong Jaya police station, but was relieved of his duties in 2013, whereas his wife has been selling food online. As the boy was not registered upon birth, he is not officially recognised as a Malaysian national and has never been able to enroll in a school. He is currently being hospitalised, and will be taken under the wing of the Department of Social Welfare upon his discharge.

This is truly upsetting but we’re relieved the abuse was discovered before something worse happened to the boy! We hope he is somewhere safe now, and will be given proper treatment and therapy to heal from this monstrosity.


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