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Jealous Stepmother Orders Son & His Friends to Gang-Rape and Kill 9yo Stepdaughter



Jealous Stepmother Ordered Son and His Friends to Gang-Rape and Kill 9yo Stepdaughter - WORLD OF BUZZ 1
Source: Firstpost Hindi
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This is such a sickening and gruesome case! A stepmother actually went overboard by having her nine-year-old stepdaughter gang-raped by her son and his friends out of jealousy. WHAT?!

According to Daily Mail and the Times of India, a woman and four others were arrested for the rape and murder of her stepdaughter.

Source: India Today

Police reports stated that the poor girl’s decomposed body was found hidden behind the bushes about one kilometre away from her home in the Baramulla district of Indian-administered Kashmir.

Based on the statement by a police spokesman, the girl’s father had reported his daughter missing 12 days earlier at a local police station. An investigation was carried out to find the missing girl.

“During the course of investigation, the statement of the father of the girl was recorded and it was found that he has two wives, one from a local village, Trikanjan, and another, from Jharkhand.”

“The missing girl was the daughter of the non-local mother,” the police added.

It is believed that the man’s 36-year-old wife was jealous of her stepdaughter and her husband’s second wife. She allegedly took her stepdaughter to a forested area on 24 August, and ordered her son and his two teenage friends, aged 14 and 19, to take turns raping the little girl.

The stepmother is also accused of strangling the girl while her son hit the girl on the head with an axe. One of his friends then sprinkled vehicle battery acid on her body while the other gouged out her eyes. The girl’s body was dumped in the bushes after.

It was later reported that a 28-year-old man was also involved in the case and has been arrested by the police.

“Physical condition and preliminary forensic analysis of dead body substantiated all these facts,” the police statement said.

Source: Daily Mail

Local police Superintendent Imtiyaz Hussain said the teenage offenders have confessed to the crime and separately corroborated the facts during questioning. Besides, all weapons used in the murder, including the axe and the plastic can containing the acid, have been recovered.

“They will be sent to a juvenile home and dealt with according to the state’s juvenile law,” Hussain said.

This horrific incident brings the saying “jealousy gets the best of you” to a whole new level. We sincerely hope the Indian authorities can seek justice for the poor little girl.  


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