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S’porean Claims JB Immigration Officer Tore His Passport & Asked For ‘Duit Kopi’ to Enter M’sia



JB Custom Officer Allegedly Tore Singaporean Man's Passport & Asked For 'Duit Kopi' to Allow Him Into Malaysia - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Facebook
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This behaviour is very unethical. 

A Singaporean man recently lamented on Facebook about a Johorean Customs, Immigration, and Quarantine Complex (CIQ) officer who allegedly tore his passport and denied him access into Malaysia unless he paid the officer “duit kopi”, reported Mothership.

The encounter took place after the second link checkpoint when Muhammad Fauzi was stopped by said officer yesterday (24 September 2018).

The officer reportedly questioned Fauzi for entering Malaysia at an ungodly hour, specifically at 11.30pm. Not only that, he then questioned Fauzi for having MACS on his passport.  

For illustration purposes | Source: Living in Malaysia

FYI, MACS (Malaysia Automated Clearance System) provides fast-track immigration clearance for non-Malaysian investors, business citizens and permanent residents of Singapore. This privilege also applies to people who hold relevant long-term immigration passes and travel frequently between Malaysia and Singapore for work and studies. 

In response to the officer’s questions, Fauzi answered saying that he was on his way home in Malaysia and that his wife was waiting for him. Much to Fauzi’s dismay, the officer stopped him from entering Malaysia because his passport was torn and asked him to go back into Singapore. What the…

Source: Facebook

According to the officer, it is illegal to have a torn passport and he cannot pass through unless he is Malaysian. Fauzi wrote,

“I was shocked because I know my passport was perfectly fine, I use it every day. Plus, a few minutes before giving the officer my passport, I had to scan it at Singapore’s Customs (first) and it was perfectly fine then. No tear, no bend and no scuffs.”

Unsatisfied with the treatment he got, Fauzi requested to speak to the officer’s team leader but the officer asked him to park his bike and follow him into a corner. Hmm…

Source: Facebook

At the corner, the officer allegedly asked for “duit kopi” and, in return, he would ‘help’ Fauzi get through customs. However, Fauzi refused to bribe the officer and told him that he will go back to Singapore instead. 

“I will take back the passport you tore and I will go back to Singapore,” said Fauzi to the officer who reportedly just smiled and requested him to make a new passport.

After that, Fauzi went to the ICA (Immigration & Checkpoints Authority of Singapore) at Tuas and they asked him to make a police report about the incident.

Source: Facebook

Apparently, he wasn’t the only victim because there were many others who had the same issues. Finally, he urged everyone who has gone through the same scenario to lodge a complaint to the Malaysian and Singaporean police.  Remember to do so if you experience something similar! 

Despite flooding requests to reveal the name of the officer, Fauzi chose to keep the identity of the officer a secret because there could be consequences if he discloses the name.

Source: Facebook

Hopefully, the authorities will look into this matter and find an appropriate solution for cases like this. What do you think of the officer’s actions? Let us know in the comments below! 


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