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It’s A Shame What Happened To These Beautiful Pink Meadows In Just Two Weeks



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A field of pink grass known as Hairawn Muhly just opened in Shanghai’s southwestern Jinshan district two weeks ago and is now almost completely destroyed.

Hairawn Muhly, also known as Muhlenbergia capillaris are hedge-like plants that grow to be about 30-90 cm tall. The plant produces purple-pink flowers during summer and are very captivating to the eye.

The beautiful pink meadows in Shanghai attracted many visitors from all parts of China but it’s allure did not remain for long.

Many came to pose and take pictures in the breathtaking fields. These pink hair grasses almost look like fluffy pink cotton candies!

A high vantage point showing the magnificent fluffy fields down below.


However, it didn’t take long after that humans ruined mother nature’s gifts.

The fields of pink hair grass became a very sad sight. Visitors trampled onto the fields to take pictures, destroying the grasses in the process.

It didn’t take long until signs were put up, but none heed the warnings.

Many just ignored the signs and continued taking their pictures within the half-dying pink fields.

Litters are thrown about the fields. Some people even took to pluck a bunch for themselves.

Unfortunately, it is the hardworking farmers that are suffering loss and footing the damage due to tourist damaging their fields.

The images captured how quickly something so beautiful was ruined by ignorant people. Truly, what a shame.

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