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International Male Student Reveals Sexual Assault that Happened in Famous Local University



International Male Student Reports Sexual Assault to Local University, No Action Taken - World Of Buzz 6
Source: Linda's Bible Study
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Many international students come to Malaysia to pursue their higher education which can be a rather exciting experience as they get to experience for themselves other countries’ cultures. But this Japanese guy who came to one of our famous local universities had a rather traumatising experience as he was allegedly sexually assaulted by another international student from Palestine. Yes, guys can be sexually assaulted too.

International Male Student Reports Sexual Assault to Local University, No Action Taken - World Of Buzz

Source: NZFVC

Ever since the incident, he has written a report on the happenings and also condemned the university because they did not take any action against his case. In fact, he also states that he is not the only victim, but there were two other guys from Taiwan and China who had the same experience.

Based on his report, the incident took place on April 30, at the on-campus dormitory. Apparently the suspect made his acquaintance at the dorm’s kitchen where they had a general chat. The second time he met the suspect, it was in the same place but when he took his leave, the suspect asked him to kiss his cheek goodbye and although he thought it was weird, he went along with it because he assumed it was their culture.

The student recounts their third encounter, “I was in a rush when I bumped into him in front of my dormitory. He had gripped my wrist tightly and did not let go even when I asked him to. He requested another kiss from me which I did not give, instead I just touched his skin but he kissed me back, which was almost like licking my face. He asked me for my room number and in my panicked and rushed state, I gave it to him and he allowed me to leave.”

On April 30, the sexual assault occurred as the student was preparing for his trip to Singapore for the long weekend. Around 8.00pm, the suspect came into his room but he felt uncomfortable and wanted to ask him leave but before he could do so, the other student had locked the door, leaving both of them alone in the room.

He held me tight and kissed my face even though I protested, he kept saying ‘it’s okay, it’s okay.'”

He pushed me down to the bed and started kissing me again. I told him I have a girlfriend, I don’t want this. He repeatedly said ‘it’s okay, it’s okay’ and suddenly grabbed my hands to force me to touch his penis. I immediately told him I would make a police report if he continued and he ran away.”

In shock, the victim called his friends over and when they came, the perpetrator came back and tried to talk to him but he refused. After his trip to Singapore, he decided to lodge reports with the university, campus security and also the police. The police told him it would be hard to make a case because he did not have much evidence.

After that, the suspect had approached the victim and begged him not to bring it up to the authorities because he did not want to get in trouble.

He also came to know that another Taiwanese student had suffered the same fate as him. Funnily enough, the university told the victim to withdraw his police report so that the university could have a smoother investigation but they had not taken any action. That’s something new!

He also found out that the Chinese student experienced this before him and all three went to the university to ask about the case but the university refused to give them any information.

He ends his report by saying that the university did not protect their international students and that they had to make their own reports to their home universities themselves, which he did. He also demands an apology and explanation from the university about their poor handling of the case.

Hopefully the poor victims will get the justice they deserve!

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