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Inspiring Woman With No Limbs Defies All Odds to Make Her Mother’s Business a Success



Source: The Star & Astro Awani
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Who would have thought that it’d be possible to navigate our way through mobile devices using our tongue?

Meet 33-year-old Nursamawati Mahmud, who has deformed hands and feet. She uses her smartphone and laptop to access social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram and WeChat with – wait for it – her tongue. Woah!

Source: The Star

This determined woman from Kampung Gelong Gajah, Pendang uses social media not only to find out what’s happening in the world, but for a more ambitious aim; and that is to promote her family’s soy and chilli sauce business under ‘Mahmudah’ brand, according to The Star.

You probably wouldn’t believe this but her hard work paid off as her efforts had reportedly helped increase the demand for their products! Since 2015, a total of 4,000 bottles have been sold each month. You go girl!

Nursamawati, also known affectionately as “Kak Long” by her family members, is the eldest of five children. According to Kosmo, she was diagnosed with physical disabilities since a year-old, which causes her hands and feet to curl up, thus making it nearly impossible for her to move around on her own. Her disability has caused her to become fully dependent on her parents Saudah Shaari, 55, and Mahmud Hussin, 60.

Source: Kosmo

“It was difficult at first as my tongue hurts. But as time goes by, I got the hang of it. Now, I can type quickly and upload pictures of the soy and chilli sauce to receive orders online,” said Nursamawati, who currently has more than 1,000 friends on Facebook.

Despite her disability, Saudah praises her daughter highly, saying that she is a very determined and strong person.

“Kak Long always wants to see my business succeed. Even though our sales are slightly affected this year due to competition, she never gives up and always operates from her smartphone to promote it,” she said.

Source: Astro Awani

“Although Kak Long has not received proper education since young, her younger siblings always turn to her when it comes to matters regarding school lessons,” her mother explained.

“She reads the books of her siblings until she understands it. That is one of her strongest points not everyone possesses. We are blessed and grateful to have a child like Kak Long who shows a sense of responsibility towards our family,” her mother added.

Source: The Star

Well, we certainly wish Nursamawati Mahmud and her family the best of luck! You can find out more about this amazing woman by searching ‘Kak Long Nursamawati’ online!


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