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Inspiring Photographer of The Week: Shaun See



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Shaun is a business school graduate who is based both in KL and London. Although he majored in business, he always had a deep passion for photography. He self-taught his way through it and now he shoots on both digital and film.


Shaun is a hybrid worker where he uses both digital and film, usually depending on the situation which calls.

“There are times I pick up my iPhone for a quick snap out with friends or to catch a split-second moment. Ofcourse, there are times as well when I reach for my DSLR, usually during jobs or under extreme lighting situations. As for the rest of the time, I’d go for film. It’s an organic way of shooting. There’s simply just something amazing that film gives which digital will never be able to achieve. Yes, it’s more painstaking and you don’t get to see your pictures till the very end of the development but that’s what it’s all about. It’s the process which makes it all enjoyable.”

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Besides photography, Shaun enjoys a good cup of coffee and has an eye for fashion.

Check out his awesome photos below and his amazing feed on VSCO and instagram.

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