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Inspiring Photographer of The Week: Nicole Lim



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Nicole is not your typical 23 year old KL city girl. She major in public relations but does shooting on the side as both a hobby and freelance job. She is a self taught photographer ( a good one too!), and has been doing photography seriously for about 3 years now.

She started by shooting some very benevolent friends, and soon enough her shots became more and more elaborate, with makeup and hair people on board, professional models, full blown moodboards and concepts.

Nicole x

She spends a lot of time looking at other photographers’ work, their process and their inspirations, which in turn inspires her. A lot of her work centers around feminine beauty.

“This is really cheesy but my own insecurity in my teens and the insecurity of others made me want to help ordinary people feel as beautiful as any supermodel through my photos.

I believe I am a little different from other photographers as I plan my shots to be edited the way I want them to look, rather than shoot first and edit later. By the way, I can’t draw to save my life so photography is literally my only outlet for creativity. I enjoy the entire planning process, from styling the model to scouting for locations.”

IMG_1927 copy

When she isn’t out doing shoots, she enjoy books and doing TV series marathons like Castle and Grimm! Check out more of her amazing shots on @jesuistigerlily for Instagram and The Pixel Bunny for Facebook. You will not regret it!

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Rocket WOBLike us on Facebook for great stories daily!