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Indonesian Man Broadcasts Suicide On Facebook Live To Thousands Of Viewers



Indonesian Man Broadcasts Suicide On Facebook Live To Thousands Of Viewers - World Of Buzz 3
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It’s so easy now to broadcast every aspect of our lives online. When Facebook launched the live video feature, I’m sure they did not expect it to be used in this horrifying way.

An Indonesian man, Pahinggar Indrawan from Jagakarsa in South Jakarta, had broadcasted his suicide live using the Facebook feature on his account.

The footage took up to 1 hour and showed the 35 year old man leaving his wife a final message before hanging himself with a green rope.

The sad man said,

“Goodbye dede, I love you, please take care of our children. I am worried.”

Pahinggar posted a message believed to be for his wife on his Facebook account earlier.  

“Love is not just a lip service; true love is something you get when someone loves you until the end of your life.”

The local police said that there are two possibilities of this incident.

“Either he killed himself out of sadness because he was left by his wife and children or he just wants attention because he showed his suicide live on Facebook.”

There were thousands of people who were watching the live stream of his death. Most of the viewers commented that he was a coward for taking his own life instead of being a responsible father to his children.

“What a crybaby, only thinks about himself instead of his children,” one of the many comments criticizing him read.

Though it’s not clear yet what drove the man to take his own life, it is believed that he was suffering from depression. Furthermore, it seemed that he and his wife had problems.

Tribunnews reported that according to Moch Sidiq, local village head, Pahinggar’s wife had voiced out that she wanted a divorce from him.

“His wife often said that she wanted a divorce. But I told her don’t, just try to tolerate it,” he said. Sidiq believes that the troubles were caused by Dina talking to other men often.

The wife of the 35 year old taxi driver, Dina Febrianti, was seen crying and apologizing to her children in the Jeruk Purut Graveyard in Jakarta on Saturday.

“Tell papa that you love him, Goodbye Papa,” she told her children in front of his grave.

Suicides are already upsetting, but for it to be broadcasted like that… heart-wrencing. Sigh.

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