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IKEA Malaysia Has Finally Launched Its Online Store and It Looks Amazing!



IKEA Malaysia Has Finally Launched Its Online Store and It Looks Amazing! - WORLD OF BUZZ 2
Source: Freepik & IKEA
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Whenever we think about purchasing furniture, I guarantee 100 per cent that you’ll think of IKEA first. Am I right? After all, IKEA is THE place for affordable and quality furniture that makes your home look oh so fine. 

However, do you often find that IKEA stores are just way too big and it just takes forever to look for items you want to buy? If you ever secretly wished you could shop for their furniture online, your wish has just come true because IKEA Malaysia officially has an online shopping store now! Woohoo!

Some time last year (2017), they revealed that they were going to launch their e-commerce store in Malaysia, and it is finally here this year! Time to shop till we don’t drop…

The process is super simple too, although shipping might cost you quite a bit depending on where you’re located. So, here are some of the functions that you need to take note of, so you can get that Bleckberget chair or Ludde rug you’ve always wanted.


1. Select your product

The products are divided into categories, so it’s pretty easy to find what you need. Once you’ve made your selection, click “Buy online” and it will automatically be added to your cart. You can also save items to your wish list first if you’re still undecided! 

Source: IKEA

Source: IKEA

Once you click on your cart, you can review your purchase where the total amount will be displayed, excluding the shipping cost. Hit “Checkout” once you’re ready and it will take you to the address page for you to fill in all your personal details.

Source: IKEA


2. Shipping method

On this page, the total amount including the shipping cost will be displayed depending on what delivery method you choose. There are two options:

  • Parcel delivery – RM40
  • Truck delivery – RM98 (yellow), RM140 (blue), RM235 (pink)

The colours on the map shown below represent the different zones available for shipping in West Malaysia.

IKEA Malaysia Has Finally Launched Its Online Store and It Looks Amazing! - WORLD OF BUZZ 1

Source: IKEA

Source: IKEA

East Malaysia is also supported by the shipping function, with prices as below:

  • Parcel delivery – RM100
  • Truck delivery – RM675 (Kuching, Miri and Kota Kinabalu)
  • Click & Collect – RM575 (Click & Collect allows you to collect your item(s) from specific locations)

A few things to note: Truck delivery requires you to choose an allocated time for your delivery that the website will provide, plus you can also have your item(s) assembled for you under this option. There will be a fee of about 10% of the price of the item(s) you want assembled.

Source: IKEA

Ordering lots of furniture for that new office space or home? Corporate or bulk orders are also available, but you will have to send them an email about it. Click this link for more details on the delivery cost by zone and region.

Select “Order confirmation”, agree with the terms of service, and select “Continue with the payment” to move forward.


3. Payment

On the payment page, the options are limited to debit and credit card payments via Visa or Mastercard. Online banking like Maybank2U, and the mobile app are not available currently, so you would have to shop directly from their desktop website.

Once you have entered your payment details and confirmed your order, you can click “Submit” and complete your transaction.

Source: IKEA

Wasn’t that super easy? Now you wouldn’t have to walk miles and miles searching for what you want, although nothing really beats physically shopping for furniture. I mean, who wouldn’t wanna pretend you’re walking into your own home and devour IKEA’s signature Swedish meatballs?

Of course, when life gets busy and you’ve no time for real-life shopping, IKEA’s Online Shopping Store will come in handy and you’ll surely have a blast!

What do you think about IKEA’s new online shopping store? Let us know in the comments below!


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