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“I Don’t Want Civil Servants Lining Up to Greet Me,” Says Transport Minister



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Source: Malay Mail
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Malaysians have high hope for the new line of ministers as the previous ones weren’t really performing if we’re being honest, and the new Transport Minister Anthony Loke didn’t disappoint us at all.

On the first day he stepped into the office building, Anthony received a warm welcome from his staff as they were lining up to greet him. Apparently it’s a culture that has been in place for a long time and some former ministers did enjoy it, but not Anthony.

Source: Malay Mail

Here’s what he said during an interview with Malaysiakini.

“They (staff) were lining up throughout the building to welcome me for my first time stepping into the building. I said I hope this is the first and last time (that they do this); I do not need such culture in any future events.

“This practice is not healthy and we should put (it) to a stop. It wasted the civil servants’ time as they have to wait for the minster to arrive and stand there for half an hour.”

This announcement was well-accepted by all the staff. In fact, they were happy and gave a round of applause when Anthony spoke about it. “Civil servants are here to serve the public, the rakyat; civil servants are not here to serve the minister,” he added. 

Netizens couldn’t agree more with the down-to-earth minister and showed their support on the internet too.

Source: Youtube

Earlier this week, he told JPJ officers to stop taking bribes from student drivers in order to put an end to the ‘kopi-o’ license culture. Check out the full story below!


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