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Huawei Officially Dethrones Apple and Becomes World’s Second-Largest Smartphone Maker



Huawei Officially Dethrone Apple and Becomes World's Second-Largest Smartphone Maker - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Business Times
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Move aside Apple, Huawei is here to take over! In fact, they already did!

On July 31, it was announced that Huawei has successfully replaced Apple as the world’s second-largest smartphones maker and the uprising brand is now aiming for the first spot, which is held by Samsung.

This impressive achievement is certainly a feather in their cap because Apple and Samsung have been holding the top two spots for so long and Huawei is the first contender to come in between them for the past seven years.

“The importance of Huawei overtaking Apple this quarter cannot be overstated. It is the first time in seven years that Samsung and Apple have not held the top two positions,” Ben Stanton, an analyst of Canalys said. 

Huawei has already shipped more than 95 million phones in the first six months which saw an increase of 30% in sales from the previous year. Known for offering the best bang for your buck, Huawei has already built a formidable presence in the markets from Europe to Africa, which had always been some of the strongholds for both Apple and Samsung.

Source: Asia Nikkei

One of the reasons that contributed to the brand’s tremendous success is its two-pronged strategy. Huawei has captured the heart of middle-class consumers with the Honor sub-brand, and slightly more atas users with its premium Huawei smartphones, such as the P20 Pro which is rocking one of the best smartphone cameras in the game.

Huawei Officially Dethrones Apple and Becomes World's Second-Largest Smartphone Maker - WORLD OF BUZZ

Other phones that are winning the market over is their Huawei Nova 3i:

  • Most powerful AI four camera smartphone range to date
  • 24MP AI front camera
  • New generation 6.3-inch fullview screen!
  • Has Kirin 710, a next-gen AI processor, and latest EMUI 8.2

Wanna know more? Then check the phone out here loh! Plus, they are offering up to RM1,000 worth of rewards to new nova customers.

Now that Huawei has nabbed the second spot, they are aiming for the first spot and putting their efforts into reaching this goal. They have announced that they will work hard to boost their smartphones sales to 200 million units this year in order to grab the first spot. Brace yourself, Samsung!

With the technology and value for money offered to the consumers, we don’t see why they can’t hit their target. Good luck, Huawei! 


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