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Hot Girl Drugged At A Bar And Had Her Pictures Taken



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A recent viral post of a large chested girl has been spreading on the internet. Apparently she went to a bar with some friends but little did she knew that the night would end up being more than what she bargained for.







It is apparent that she was drugged. After waking up the next morning, she could not even recall what happened the night before.

Below is a screenshot of the conversation between her and a friend.




Friend: What happened?

Her: Went out with some girlfriends, but ended up getting drugged. woke up the next day to a headache, thought everything was alright, didn’t think my circle of friends would.. *insert crying emoji here*

Her: What should I do? Help me *insert more crying emoji here*

Friend: I can’t help you. I can only tell you to not go out with just anyone. Nowadays there are all sorts of people. You should post on your Wechat newsfeed and tell others that you were drugged because i have a friend that was involved in the same case.


Her drink was allegedly spiked by someone in her own group of friends. So ladies, take extra precaution and beware who you drink with.

Below are some simple steps a girl can take:

1. Don't accept a drink you didn't pour yourself.
2. Split the drink with the friend who poured it to you, testing whether he is reluctant or not.
3. Insist on a canned or bottled drink, such as beer.
4. When you're not drinking, stay close to your cup and put a tissue over the top.
5. Stop drinking if the drink tastes unusual.


Rocket WOBGet the latest viral stories daily! Like us: