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Horrible Video Shows Old Kedah Man Raping Poor, Helpless Chicken



Old Kedah Man Rapes Poor, Helpless Chicken - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: ChinaPress & Thisnzlife
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People who have no will power when it comes to controlling their urges should lock themselves in a room and throw away the key.

Because, most of the time, when they give in to their urges, others get hurt. Even animals.

An old man in Alor Setar, who could not hold himself back or distract his unnerving thoughts, gave in and released his urges on an innocent hen by raping it, as according to China Press.

Source: ChinaPress

In a censored video posted to YouTube by Penang ChinaPress, a silhouette of the old man can be seen sitting on a short stool in the corner of a room. He was dressed in only a shirt and a duckbill hat while his lower half was completely naked. He held the chicken to his private parts and engaged in bestiality.

This sort of sexual activity is considered illegal in Malaysia and can be prosecuted as a violation of natural sexuality under Article 377 of the Criminal Code, and he can face a maximum sentence of 20 years in jail and could be subjected to a fine.

There is no news on whether the man has any mental illnesses.

We genuinely hope the poor chicken is unharmed from the incident and that the man is detained before anything or anyone else gets hurt by his urges. 


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