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HK Man Pretends to Be Psychic, Has Sex with Girlfriend’s Daughter to Ward Off Spirits



Fake Psychic from Hong Kong Jailed 15 Years for Having Sex with Girlfriend's Daughter - World Of Buzz 1
Featured Image Source: SCMP
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A taxi driver from Hong Kong was recently sentenced to 15 years in jail for tricking his girlfriend’s 17 year-old daughter into having sex with him.

It was reported that the 50 year-old man tricked his girlfriend and her two daughters into thinking he had psychic powers, according to the SCMP.

The old man had taken advantage of the two girls on numerous occasions.

He even tricked his girlfriend’s older daughter into believing that they had to have sex in order to ward off evil spirits coming for her younger sister. 

Justice Patrick Li Hon-leung also criticised the single mother during the trial, saying that she failed to protect her children from her boyfriend.

According to the report, the mother of the two girls scolded her older daughter for “stealing her boyfriend”.

“It’s a shame. She was an irresponsible mother as she failed to protect her daughters,” said the judge.

In a video shown during the court proceedings, the victim’s younger sister, named “X” to protect her identity, said that she got along well with him.

It was when he went to Thailand to treat his erectile dysfunction that he had reportedly changed and became interested in black magic. 

Since then, he claimed that their house was infested with evil spirits from Africa and encouraged them to read Buddhist scriptures to ward them off.

“He asked me to cleanse my body thoroughly and go into the only bedroom in our flat with him. We would sit back to back on a bed and recite texts like the Heart Sutra,” said the victim’s younger sister.

Once, he hugged her tightly and kissed her in the kitchen.

The younger sister also stated in court that he molested her on one occasion on top of forcing the older sister to have sex with him 14 times – at home and in love hotels. He would claim that these are rituals related to ‘the signs of the zodiac’. What bullshit!

Clinical psychologists analysing the case stated that the two young girls were undoubtedly traumatised by what they had gone through and needed counselling.

Psychologists also analysed the man, saying that he was going through a midlife crisis and decided to make up stories about being psychic to impress the family.

The man’s sentence was delivered at Hong Kong’s High Court earlier this week on Monday (10th April).

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