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Himalaya Salt Candy May Lead To Increased Health Risks & Complications, Says M’sian Dietician



Himalaya Salt Candies May Lead To Increased Risk of High Blood Pressure, Says M'sian Dietician - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Facebook & Makan Lena
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For many of us, popping a candy into our mouths is probably something we do without even thinking. Sometimes its to freshen our breath, sometimes its to help our bland tongues feel less… well bland. But most of the times its because we just want to have something sweet. And salty. How about both?

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For Malaysians, this candy might probably be well known to you by now, given how easily available it is sold in so many different supermarkets and convenience stores: Himalaya Salt ‘Sports Candy’. Its popularity is owed to the fact that it combines a slight salty tinge with a sweet and sour flavour, making it super addictive, not to mention refreshing!

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Source: Makan Lena

But as it turns out, these candies may not be suitable for everyone to consume, as one dietitian reveals on Facebook. According to Mohd Khairul Azuan, the popular candy contains high levels of sodium, and goes on to explain why that may not be the best thing for your body.

He explains that for most of us, we obtain our usual amounts of sodium aka salt, from the food we eat. And in most instances, that’s usually more than enough for our body’s daily intake. But if you top that off by having packets of these Himalaya Salt candies, then you might be in trouble.

Contrary to popular belief, these candies are not a healthy alternative to ‘regular’ candies because they contain ‘Himalayan salt’. In fact, if there are those of you who suffer from problems associated with high blood pressure, heart disease or even kidney disease, you are strongly advised to avoid the high sodium content in these sweets.

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Source: VeryWell Fit

Mohd Khairul also warns mothers to be aware of consuming these sweets, as they could lead to an increased chance of pregnancy induced hypertension (PIH). He adds that research has shown that a roughly 1 gram reduction of salt intake can lower your chances of suffering from a stroke by about 10%, and heart disease by 5%.

A regular adult’s daily salt intake is about 2,000mg.

So why don’t we need more salt? Here’s why:

  1. Unprocessed foods that we consume may contain up to 12% of our sodium intake.
  2. Sodium added to food during cooking contains up to 5% of our sodium intake.
  3. Sodium we add to our food as we eat contains up to 4% of our sodium intake.
  4. Processed foods we eat contain up to 77% of our daily sodium intake.

For those suffering from high blood pressure, you are advised to be extra cautious as an increase of blood pressure is directly associated with an increase in sodium intake! The Facebook post has since gone viral with over 17,000 shares.

Well now that you have the facts, it’s probably a good time to cut back on your Himalaya Salt candy spree! Everything in moderation, after all.


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