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Here’s Why Half of the Malaysian Population Don’t Have Ketiak Smell



Here's Why Half of the Malaysian Population Don't Have Ketiak Smell - World Of Buzz
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It may be embarrassing to some people how the human armpit is cursed to emit a pretty foul odor, especially in westerners, but this has actually something to do with genetics.

According to researchers from the University of Bristol, there’s a special gene that determines whether a person would have bad body odor for your ketiak or not, and that gene is known as ABC11.

And thankfully for Malaysians, about 50% of us possess the gene variant that keeps us seemingly fresh all day!

Unfortunately for over 97% of people who are of European or African descent, the authors of the study noted that they have the smelly underarm sweat gene.

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Genetic epidemiologist Ian Day said, “This key gene is basically the single determinant of whether you do produce underarm odor or not.”

Astonishingly and super luckily for us, most Malaysians wouldn’t have to deal with the issue of making your friends or partner faint.

It was revealed that East Asians and 30% to 50% of those in Southern Asia, the Pacific Islands, Central Asia, Asia Minor and indigenous Americans do not have stinky armpits.

Researchers hypothesize that the amino acid production linked to the gene affects the body’s production of earwax and sweat odor. The stench associated with sweat is the result of rapid bacteria growth, and those with the gene variant seem to generate less of the amino acid that causes bacteria growth.

Researchers also claimed that the lack of armpit smell is also contributed to the lack of apocrine sweat glands in our ketiak and that the reduction of sweat glands may be due to adaptation to colder climates by our ancient ancestors. Thanks guys!

The study also revealed that almost ALL Koreans possess the gene that saves their armpits from smelling like death after a long day.

Here's Why Half of the Malaysian Population Don't Have Ketiak Smell - World Of Buzz 1
We said ALMOST all

A survey in women showed that most of them consistently used deodorant even though they didn’t have to.

Day said, “They’re spending their money, exposing their skin to what may in a few instances not be good for their skin. It sort of suggests to me that there are a lot of conformists around.”

So make sure you actually need deodorant before putting them on!

As for the other half you Malaysians that are not gifted with this gene, don’t be hating~

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