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If You Want to Work in Australia, Consider These 20 Jobs That are Short of Manpower



Here's the Top 20 Jobs That are Facing Manpower Shortage in Australia - World Of Buzz 3
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Malaysia is an amazing country, with good food and better people. However, thousands of citizens choose to work overseas due to the favourable currency exchange rate and also the lack of opportunities in our own country. If you’re looking at the same direction, why not take Australia into consideration?

According to News, a job-seeking website named Indeed, found that several fields are facing manpower shortage as there are many positions that are left vacant for a period of over 60 days. Here’s the full list of the positions that are lacking workers.

  1. Crew member
  2. Shift manager
  3. Pizza cook
  4. Beautician
  5. Glazier
  6. Massage therapist
  7. Plasterer
  8. Carpenter
  9. Driver
  10. Hair stylist
  11. Panel beater
  12. Installer
  13. Shop assistant
  14. Promoter
  15. Veterinarian
  16. Cabinet maker
  17. Plumber
  18. Tutor
  19. Maintenance technician
  20. Air conditioning engineer

Here's the Top 20 Jobs That are Facing Manpower Shortage in Australia - World Of Buzz 2

The most severe industry would be hospitality with crew members being the most sought after position. Employers are having a tough time finding new workers as 70 per cent of the crew member positions have remained vacant for more than two months.

Crew members in this context include:

  • kitchen staff
  • waiter/waitress
  • restaurant staff
  • resort staff
  • fast-food restaurant staff
  • hotel crews (room service, cleaning and valet duties)

Besides that, Australia is also looking for shift managers who have worked in hospitality or factories. More than 70 per cent of this job position also remained unfilled for over two months.

Source: Accordiausa

Aside from hospitality, tradespeople who possess great skills such as glazier, carpenter and plasterer are greatly needed in Australia as well. On average, they can easily make AUD$60,000 to AUD$70,000 (approx. RM255,000 to RM298,000) per year. Senior workers may make even more!

Other jobs that are in demand, which require degree qualifications, are veterinarian and general medical practitioners as many positions are still unfilled after 60 days.

“We are finding that there are some serious mismatches between positions and available talent with many communities crying out for medical professionals,” managing director of Indeed, Chris McDonald said.

On average, general medical practitioners earn $255,000 (approx. RM1,087,800) while radiologists earn $183,000 (approx. RM780,700) per annum. If you aren’t offered a permanent post in Malaysia after housemanship, you may consider moving to Australia. 

Source: SIRA

If you’re seriously considering moving to Australia for work, you should know that these four areas are hot spots as they’re struggling the most with manpower shortage. They are:

  • Melbourne’s northern suburb
  • Melbourne’s eastern suburb
  • Western Sydney
  • Sydney city Central Business District (CBD)

I don’t know about you guys but I’m gonna up my pizza game to become a pizza cook in Australia. 


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