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Here’s What A Reviewer Said About the New Matcha Green Tea Instant Cup Noodle!



Here's What Reviewer Says About New Matcha Green Tea Instant Cup Noodle! - World Of Buzz
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Rejoice matcha green tea lovers! Your favourite flavour is now available in instant cup noodles! 

Just earlier this year, Japan’s famous instant noodles company, Nissin has launched their Nissin’s Matcha Seafood Flavour cup noodles and matcha lovers absolutely went gaga over it!

According to Rocket News 24, the product hit the shelves on January 23 in Japan and surprisingly the price was still affordable for most people as matcha-related food always have their price hiked up.

In Japan, the new matcha green tea cup noodles were priced at 138yen (RM5.30) which is just slightly more expensive than the generic flavours. I’m sure matcha lovers wouldn’t mind spending a few bucks more for their favourite flavour right?

The contemporary cup noodles usually come equipped with a packet of seasoning and oil but Nissin decided to keep things simple. With all the bits of ingredients already in there, all you have to do is to peel back the lid and add hot water. So no more dropping seasonings in cup noodles like saltbae.

The dried ingredients included some octopus slices, and bits of carrots and eggs. After 3 minutes, the noodles should be al dente for you to enjoy.

Since it’s matcha flavour, the noodles are green instead of yellow colour. However, according to the reviewer, the noodles didn’t taste anything like matcha. And the broth also didn’t taste like green tea either! Why like that one?

Surprisingly, the broth tastes of cheese and black pepper. It was discovered that besides matcha, cheese and onion powder, chicken and pork stock were used as seasoning based on the ingredients list.

But everyone has different taste buds, so I guess you’ll have to try it to find out yourself! 

So guys, if you’re a hardcore fan of matcha and wish to give this a shot, feel free to visit your nearby Japanese stores!

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