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Heartless Employer Only Gives Maid ONE Meal a Day, Splashes Water If She’s Not Up by 5am



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Too often, people tend to take for granted the domestic helpers that help us maintain our households. They cook, clean and tend to daily domestic issues that we are unable to attend to, so they should be given the same amount of respect that we give any working professional.

Unfortunately, some employers don’t recognise this and go about their days mistreating their domestic helpers.

One such case occurred last Friday when a video of an Indonesian domestic helper in Singapore went viral after she shared the story of how she had been ill-treated by her employer between tears.

Posted by Chun Ming on Friday, October 4, 2019

The poor woman, who goes by the name of Castina, was beckoned to share her story by another woman who recorded her responses on camera.

Castina said she came to Singapore from Indramayu, a town in West Java, but wishes to leave her employment here as she says it’s been “depressing.”

In the video, Castina is visibly shaken as she recounts all the ways she’s been mistreated.  Instead of providing for her basic necessities in exchange for her service, her employer reportedly only gives her one meal a day and will scold her if she asks for more.

He would even splash her with water if she is unable to wake up at 5am to perform her duties. But that’s not even the worst part.

Castina says she’s not allowed to contact her family in Indonesia and has been confined in the house since she started her employment.

Out of desperation and fear, Castina says she urgently wants to change her employer but whenever she tries to bring it up with her employer, he will start threatening her. In a photo taken by the woman who was recording her, a CCTV can be seen in the top left corner to ensure that even when Castina is outside the house, she doesn’t leave the compound.

Source: Facebook

Thankfully, the lady who recorded Castina’s cries comforted her and told her to be patient. She promised assured to report the situation to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), who will ensure justice for her and her rights as a domestic helper.

The original post has since garnered viral status, with over 4.7k shares. The netizen who posted the video thanked everybody for sharing it as it accelerated the process of notifying the police.

Domestic Helper Only Allowed To Have One Meal A Day - WORLD OF BUZZ

Source: Facebook

Castina’s brother even responded to the post, blessing the Facebook user for helping to save his sister from the suffering she’s had to endure.

Domestic Helper Only Allowed To Have One Meal A Day - WORLD OF BUZZ 1

Source: Facebook

Other netizens were outraged that Castina’s employer could’ve treated her so poorly and urged MOM to take action immediately!

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Source: Facebook

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Source: Facebook

As of yesterday, MOM has updated their Facebook page saying that investigations are ongoing accordingly, but in the mean time, Castina is safely residing in the Indonesian embassy.

Fortunately, the situation seems to be handled for now. Nonetheless, employers of domestic helpers need to be reminded to treat them with respect and kindness. If not out of morality, then at least basic humanity. 


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