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“This heartless boss bullies his workers by hitting them, but he doesn’t use his own hands.”



Heartless Malaysian Restaurant Boss Brutally Bullies His Other Disabled Staff By Hitting Them - World Of Buzz 1
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One of Malaysians’ favourite pastimes is to eat, and this is evidenced by the sheer number of eateries that we have in Malaysia.

But how often have you wondered about what happens behind the scenes of these restaurants and their staff?

Source: Joanne Khoo

Recently, netizens were allowed a glimpse into this and it doesn’t look good. A Facebook user, Joanne Khoo shared a post that went viral and caused many users to be fired up.

This is because in the video, a man, presumably the restaurant’s owner is seen punishing his staff by ordering another staff to brutally hit them repeatedly. Of course, we know not all restaurant owners are bad apples!

Source: Joanne Khoo

She writes,

“This video was shared to me by another friend, who requested me to help her post it out, as it is not convenient for her to do so.

“This heartless restaurant boss bullies his workers by hitting them, but he doesn’t use his own hands to do so. He instructs his staff to help him beat them up and this is also not the first time it has happened.

“There were three workers who were beaten up that day. The one in red has disabilities while the other two are reportedly mentally handicapped. The place is a mixed rice restaurant located opposite UTAR Sungai Long. Please help to share it out!”

The video also shows the other staff in the kitchen and they appear to be having a verbal disagreement with him as well after he has finished ordering his staff to beat up the other three unfortunate workers.

 - World Of Buzz

Source: Joanne Khoo

All the comments from netizens criticised him badly and condemned his actions, saying he was heartless and would suffer bad karma. 

No matter what, your workers are humans too and you should treat them well!

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