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Heartbroken Labrador Still Leaves Half of Food for Her Best Friend Who Just Died



Heartbroken Labrador Still Leaves Half of the Food for Her Best Friend Who Just Died - World Of Buzz
Source: Twitter
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This case proves that dogs are not only loyal to their masters, they’re also extremely faithful to their companions.

Recently, a netizen named Easton Dufur shared an incredibly heartbreaking story of his two Labradors, Stitch and Cookie on Twitter, and netizens were touched by the story.

Guys, meet Stitch.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

…and Cookie.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Here’s what he tweeted.

“I only have one bowl for my two Labradors.”

“My dog Stitch trained the other dog, Cookie to only eat half of the food in the bowl.”

“So ever since she (Cookie) was young, she knew to leave half of the food so that Stitch can have some.”

Sadly, Stitch passed away recently, leaving Cookie behind.

“This was Cookie’s first time eating alone. Since Stitch is gone, I fed Cookie with less food in the bowl.”

“Before I went to bed, I checked whether Cookie had finished her food. I found out that she still left half of her food in the bowl so that Stitch can eat.”

Source: Twitter

The two dogs have been enjoying each other’s company for over ten years. They were so close to each other that they even shared the same toy and food bowl without squabbling. Sadly, 13-year-old Stitch passed away due to old age recently.

When interviewed by Dodo, Dufur said:

“They loved each other very much. Cookie would always egg him on so he would play with her and they would take care of one another.”

After Stitch was gone, Cookie plunged into depression as she has lost her best buddy of 10 years. She only managed to recover from sadness after a week. Seeing that, the owner said he will show more love and affection towards Cookie so that she could get out of depression quicker.

After living together for a decade, it’s gonna take Cookie a while to get used to life without him. Stay strong Cookie! RIP Stitch.

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