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Heartbroken Girl Warns Malaysians After Her Cats Were ‘Adopted’ by Cat Hoarder



Be Careful Before You Give Your Fur Babies Away! - WORLD OF BUZZ 10
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We all want the best home for our pets when we can no longer take care of them ourselves. We try our level best to give them to people whom we hope will take care of them and love them just as much as we did.

Cindy* who reached out to WORLD OF BUZZ shared how she thought she had done just that, but to her horror, found out that her poor fur babies had to be rescued from a crazy cat hoarder!

Some names have been changed to protect the identity of the persons involved.

Last December, Cindy* gave her two young, healthy kittens to a lady she found through a facebook group about cat adopting, thinking that she was a cat lover and knew how to take care of them. As she was renting a room in a condominium and hardly at home, she couldn’t take care of the kittens that she had rescued from the streets in July.

“I decided to give them a better life – by giving them a big family. I gave them away to a new family on Dec 24th, 2016, as their Christmas gift.”

At first the woman promised to keep her posted about the kittens. She even came all the way from Klang to PJ where Cindy was staying to pick them up!  “I thought they were a close-knit family, and would be perfect for my kittens. Oh boy was I wrong!”
After a while, Cindy began noticing that the woman hardly replied. “She was quite reluctant to give their photos/videos. She only gave updates of their pictures/videos in January.” Cindy always had to initiate contact, and at times the woman would take days to reply or not bother at all, even lying about falling sick. “Then I realised she deactivated her Facebook account months ago, in March if I’m not wrong… She wouldn’t answer my calls at all, unless I called her from a different number.”
“She would give excuses that she was sick, and now her husband is sick.” But Cindy wasn’t buying it, and managed to track down the whereabouts of her kittens.
Be Careful Before You Give Your Fur Babies Away! - WORLD OF BUZZ 8
Source: Facebook
When she looked up the woman’s name on Facebook, she came across a post by a popular local cat rescuer Jebat, who warned people about this lady and exposed her inhumane deeds.
In his post, there were videos that showed over 40 over cats locked up in a cage behind her backyard. “It looked more like a dumping site as the place was very dirty. In the cage, that’s where all the cats eat and poop. It was such a heartbreaking sight. What’s worse, there was a rotting dead cat in a carrier!
“The most depressing part to me was one of my kittens was in the cage.”
After contacting Jebat, she was told that this woman hoards cats for an unknown reason, and neglects the well-being of every cat she adopts.
Be Careful Before You Give Your Fur Babies Away! - WORLD OF BUZZ 2
Source: Facebook
Luckily, she managed to visit one of her kittens at Jebat’s shelter. According to the rescuer, her kitten was warded for 10 days for Parvo virus. “She was in very bad condition when he found her; ears full of mites, body full of fungus and mites, massive weight loss, and she lost some of her body fur due to fungus.”
Be Careful Before You Give Your Fur Babies Away! - WORLD OF BUZZ 3
Source: Facebook
The same fate befell the other cats as well. Unfortunately, out of the 42 cats he rescued, 16 died at the vet due to virus.
Be Careful Before You Give Your Fur Babies Away! - WORLD OF BUZZ 5
Source: Facebook

The case has since been reported to the DVS.

“I am just one of the unfortunate owners who trusted this horrible adopter with my babies. The real hero who is known as Jebat, the cat rescuer who saved all the cats from this hellhole. Though he tried his best to save them all, some ran away during the rescue, and 16 had died in the vet.”

What a horribly, traumatic experience to go through. Please be careful and conduct a thorough background check on potential owners for your fur babies!

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