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Harvard Studies Reveal the Dark Side of Instant Noodles



Harvard Studies Reveal How And Why Instant Noodle Is Bad For Us - World Of Buzz 2
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Instant noodles, as it’s name suggest, is instant and convenient. Not forgetting it’s easy to prepare and delicious. Us Malaysians would know best on the account of how much we love our Maggi mee.

It has since been many’s favorite food. It is common knowledge that it’s unhealthy but as we live in denial of their tasty goodness, exactly how unhealthy it is?

Harvard Studies Reveal How And Why Instant Noodle Is Bad For Us - World Of Buzz

Instant noodles are often packed with seasoning and flavoring powder, and it has garnered much negative critism for being low in nutrients but high in carbohydrate and fat. Yet, as much as 97.7 billion instant noodle are consumed in 52 different country.

In a research published by Harvard and Baylon University in the Journal of Nutrition, it was revealed that consumption of instant noodles would greatly increase the risks of heart disease and stroke, according to Washington Post.

11,000 South Koreans between ages 19 and 64 had their health analyzed by researchers. The study showed that South Korean woman were of a high risk of metabolic syndrome, due to the high amount of instant noodles consumed. Metabolic syndrome is often attributed to an increase in blood sugar and blood pressure level, which leads to strokes.

The substance that contribute to metabolic syndrome is identified as Tertiary-butyl hydroquinone (TBHQ).

TBHQ could often be found on instant noodles as it is a byproduct used to preserve cheap processed food.

“Women who ate instant noodles twice a week or more had a higher risk of metabolic syndrome than those who ate less, or not at all, regardless of whether their diet style fell into the traditional or fast-food category, ” as published  in The Washington Post.

Excessive instant noodle consumption can not only trigger obesity but also metabolic ailments like diabetes, high blood pressure, hypertension, heart problems and so on.

Harvard School of Public Health doctoral candidate and co-author of the study, Hyun Shin, held:

“Although instant noodle is a convenient and delicious food, there could be an increased risk for metabolic syndrome given [the food’s] high sodium, unhealthy saturated fat and glycemic loads. ”

Several other researches also revealed harmful substance which contributes to the many health hazard of instant noodles. In South Korea, it was found by authority that cancer-causing substance known as Benzopyrene is present in six brands of noodles made by Nong Shim back in 2012. The discovery head to massive recalls of their products.

Also in India, lead contamination was found in Nestlé’s Maggi brand instant noodles containing 7 times the allowed limit. The noodles has since been banned and were labeled as “unsafe and hazardous for human consumption.”

So the next time you wish to have those quick, convenient, and delicious instant noodles, you may to reconsider your options.

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