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Grandpa Forced to Watch Helplessly After Grandkids Locked in Car Burn to Death



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For illustration purpose | Source: How Stuff Works & Oriental Daily
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This is such a tragedy!

A 54-year-old grandfather from Sichuan Province, China, took two of his grandchildren out in his car one morning. It is not known where they were when it happened, but he got out of the car for a moment and locked the doors, leaving his grandkids inside.

Suddenly, the car went up in flames, engulfing both kids in the fire!

According to Oriental Daily, people around the area immediately came to help the grandfather after seeing the fire, and tried to use some tools to break the window.

However, they failed to enter the car as the fire became more and more intense until the two kids inside eventually died. Even when firefighters came to put out the blaze, they could not break into the car.

This is such a heartbreaking story as the grandfather could not do anything but watch his grandkids burn to death in their car seats. He burst into tears at the scene, feeling sad that he could not save his grandchildren.

Photos of the event show the burnt vehicle with only the outer frame of the car still intact, with the two kids inside burnt and stuck to the car seat.

Meanwhile, the local public security bureau said that the owner of the vehicle has been detained for further questioning. It is still not known how the car caught on fire.

RIP little kids 🙁


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