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Grandma Thought Grandson’s Sex Toys Were Thermal Socks, Wears Them to Warm Her Feet



Innocent Grandma Thought Grandson's Sex Toys Were Thermal Socks, Wears Them to Warm Her Feet - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Twitter / Twitter
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This is why you should keep your “special toys” in safe places, guys! 

We’ve heard a lot of horrifying stories about children finding their parents’ sex toys but nothing will top the horror that this 21-year-old went through after his grandmother found his sex toys. Yikes! 

Nextshark wrote that a Japanese man shared on Twitter about how his innocent grandmother accidentally used his silicone sex toys because she thought it was a pair of thermal socks. Okay, this is funny! 

The Twitter user – whose account handle name is @analKABAO – said that his sweet grandmother told him she had borrowed his socks but she didn’t realise that she had taken the wrong item.

In fact, she took his “onaholes” which are fake, silicon vaginas that are used for the purpose of masturbation. Awkwarrd…

He shared his shocking discovery on Twitter where he uploaded a video of him walking into the room as he saw his grandma wearing the onaholes. In his post, he wrote,

“Grandma, tell me it’s a lie.”

Here’s the video of him confronting his poor grandma:

Making matters even worse, the onaholes got stuck on her feet when he tried to remove it so he had no choice but to tell her that she took his onaholes instead of socks. Thankfully, he managed to take out the sex toys from his grandma’s feet in the end.

He further said,

“At 21, I never thought I’d be taking away onaholes from my grandmother’s feet.”

You can watch the video below:

Following that, the horrified man said that he no longer wishes to use (the) sex toys and offered it to others on the internet.

He jokingly said that he doesn’t want to use it because he wouldn’t want to commit incest. You know, it’s because his grandmother has used it on her feet. 

He also didn’t forget to add that the onaholes are “still warm” in order to entice other people to buy it from him. Here’s a video of him trying to sell the “second-hand” product:

Well, it’s safe to say that most of us wouldn’t like to find ourselves in awkward situations like the one mentioned above. Have you had any awkward experiences with your grandparents? Share your stories in the comments below! 


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