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If You’re Good-Looking Enough, You Can Eat At This Restaurant for FREE!



If You're Good-Looking Enough, You Can Eat At This Restaurant for FREE! - World Of Buzz 1
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A new restaurant just opened that got people from all over the internet stunned. The concept of this makan place is unique and creative, using the Chinese saying “靠脸吃饭” which directly translates to “depend on face to eat rice”.

The saying that’s used on someone basically means you don’t need skills to earn a living, just your pretty face.

The Zhengzhou restaurant located in Henan Province, China offers good-looking patrons to dine for free.Yeah, FREE!

The place has a big banner in front of the store, saying “If you’re good-looking, you will be able to eat for free!” and below the sign is another line, “free meal for good-looking”.

How does it work? Well, apparently, patrons would be assessed by a council of employees from a local plastic surgery clinic. So if you passed, and qualify yourself as ‘good-looking’ then the meal’s on the house!


Customers have to scan their face, an image of which is then sent to a team of “specialists” who judge their photos, based on a detailed scoring rubric, as the patrons dine. The top five good-looking folk who have achieved the highest scores in 30 minutes will be offered a meal for free.


The scoring standards are publicly displayed on the second floor of this restaurant, Xinhua reports. A little daunting to think that almost everyone in that restaurant will be able see your ‘face scores’.





Some netizens who read about this restaurant expressed how embarrassing it must be if your face did not ‘pass’ a certain number score, while some were confident that they would be able to eat for free.

Knowing Malaysians, I’m sure that we would only be tagging our friends just to troll them.

Think your face will be able to afford to pay for your meal?

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