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Glitter Armpits May Probably Be Taking Over the Year 2016



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The are certain trends we look up to, and there are some that makes us cringe a little. Beside man braids being the hottest hair for men in 2016, a recent trend that popped up early this 2016 is GLITTER ARMPITS.

Yes, you read it right. Ketiak with some shiny bling bling!

Those glittery pits are apparently the best way to get your party animal on and let you dance the night away!

As you can obviously tell, this trend involves putting a nice coat of glitter over your armpits. It may be of any colour and size, as long as it shines, you’re good to go!

Slab on some hair gel and sprinkle on some shiny ornaments. Voila!

Glitter Pits 2

Hey! At least this gives us girls a reason not to shave all the time!

Some even took to add some major bling bling to top it all off.

Sparkles has always been part of our look one way or another. Whether it’s a sequined/shiny dress, accessories or dabs of glitter on your make up, we’ll rock them out. For these glittery armpits however, maybe not so much.

Doing a quick search will tell you this trend did not just start this year. BUT! It is starting to pick up and will probably soon be a thing of 2016!

What do you guys think? Will you ever try this one out?

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