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Girlfriend Pulls String of RM10 and RM50 Notes from Birthday Present Given by Boyfriend



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Source: Facebook
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Shop-bought presents are good, but hand-made presents are even better because it shows off your thoughtfulness and sincerity! Fully aware of this philosophy, this man decided to put in the effort and make the best birthday present ever for his girlfriend!

Recently, a netizen named Esther posted two videos on Facebook, which melted thousands of hearts.

From the first short video, Esther was seen holding a mysterious metal box, trying to figure out how it worked. I’m sure she was anxious to find out what her boyfriend had gotten her!

Source: Facebook

She peeled back the tape and began pulling a long strand of paper out of the box. As she kept pulling, short messages such as ‘Happy Birthday’ and ‘Hope you enjoy the present, just keep pulling’  were revealed. To make her more ‘gan cheong‘, her boyfriend even slipped in cheeky messages such as ‘very nervous right?’.

Source: Facebook

As she kept pulling, suddenly a piece of red paper came out – it was a RM10 banknote! She was surprised and stunned for a second. As she kept pulling the strand, her smile just got wider and wider. 

Source: Facebook


Source: Facebook

We tried to count, but there was just too much money in there!

That’s only half of the show, because towards the end of the strand, this came up!

Source: Facebook

Wah! RM50 banknotes appeared and took the game to another level! #WIN

Esther was again surprised by the RM50 banknotes and the strand only ended after roughly 20 pieces of RM50 notes came out. Yeah, we did the maths using our eyes.

Check out the video to see for yourself!

In just two days, this heartwarming post was shared over 7,000 times and netizens applauded the boyfriend for being so thoughtful and romantic. However, some a lot of ladies started tagging their boyfriends and dropping “subtle” hints in the comment section. Maybe not so subtle after all!

“I want purple bank notes in it, and the strand must be at least 2 to 3 metres long,” one netizen commented, tagging her boyfriend.

“I’m an understanding person, you don’t have to go through all the pain to create a money box, just bank in the money to me!” said another lady to her boyfriend.

Good luck to all the guys out there preparing for their girlfriends’ coming birthday presents, “money can’t buy happiness” won’t get you off the hook this time!


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