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Girl Gets Dumped Before Chinese Valentine’s Day, Suffers ‘Broken Heart Syndrome’



Girl Gets Dumped Before Chinese Valentine's Day, Experiences "Broken Heart Syndrome" - World Of Buzz 3
Source: Only My Health
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If you have ever been in love, you would know the ups and down of entrusting your fragile heart to someone else. However, if it ultimately doesn’t work out, then the sadness of losing the person you love is utterly heart-wrenching. Or maybe you are lucky enough not to experience this! 

One of the worst feelings in the world is getting dumped, which will cause you to suffer severe heartache. 🙁 Did you know that this can also cause you to experience a real medical condition? According to Oriental Daily, a 32-year-old woman from Wuhan, Hubei in China suffered from “broken heart syndrome” after she was dumped by her boyfriend.

Xiao Xiao was dumped by her boyfriend of almost a year at the beginning of the month and became very sad and depressed, refusing to eat and sleep. She had not had a boyfriend since she graduated from university and started working as she did not have the time to look for one.

Girl Gets Dumped Before Chinese Valentine's Day, Experiences "Broken Heart Syndrome" - World Of Buzz 1

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She was introduced to her now ex-boyfriend through mutual friends and the pair hit it off. After being in a relationship for close to a year, her boyfriend suddenly broke things off at the beginning of August, leaving poor Xiao Xiao heartbroken and alone. 

It was reported that after the breakup, she was devastated and could not concentrate on her work so she decided to take leave to stay at home and nurse her crushed feelings. Unfortunately, on Monday (28 Aug), Xiao Xiao couldn’t breathe and experienced terrible pain in her chest. Incidentally, it was Valentine’s Day in the Chinese calendar and many couples had taken the opportunity to share their lovey-dovey photos on social media. Ouch! 

Alarmed, her family members quickly rushed her to the hospital where one of the doctors, Dr Yang explained that Xiao Xiao was experiencing stress cardiomyopathy or takotsubo cardiomyopathy. Mayo Clinic suggests that this condition is triggered by an intense emotional or physical event. Like getting dumped suddenly!

Dr Yang further explained that it was commonly known as “broken heart syndrome” because the feeling of pain in your heart is akin to having your heart broken. Yes, getting your heart broken is real, guys! This condition occurs more in women aged 30 to 50 years old and is easily treatable. There are rare cases where it is fatal but remember to always seek for medical advice in matters of the heart! 

No guy is worth that heartbreak, girls! 


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