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Girl Gets Arrested At 5-Star Hotel After They Mistook Her Deodorant Powder For Drugs



Young Woman Gets Arrested At 5-Star Hotel After They Mistook Her Deodorant Powder For Drugs - WORLD OF BUZZ 1
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Sometimes, there is a lot of truth in the saying that all that glitters isn’t always gold. Appearances can be deceptive, and it always helps to make sure you keep a close eye on things before going out on a limb to make wild claims about another person, before you wind up embarrassing yourself.

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Well, these young women wound up having to endure a pretty harrowing, if not downright embarrassing situation when they were hauled in by members of the police over a complete mistake for a crime that they didn’t even commit, according to this Facebook post.

What had initially meant to be a dream, luxe birthday escapade for Sharonia Paruntu and her friends turned into an absolute nightmare when Sharonia and her friends wound up being arrested and hauled out of their 5-star hotel in the blink of an eye. This story was shared by Stanley Paruntu, who says he is Sharonia’s father.

Source: Facebook

And why did this entire mess even happen in the first place, you ask? All because the hotel staff who came in to clean up their room found a small plastic bag containing a bit of white powder, and noticed that a glass panel on the shower had shattered. One plus one = drug party, right?

According to Sharonia, two of their friends had somehow wound up trapped inside the shower at 2am and couldn’t get the door open. Despite multiple efforts at trying to pull it to budge, the door remained firmly held in place. They even broke the glass panel as a result of trying to force it open.

As they resorted to calling room service, the girls probably didn’t expect the whole situation to get a whole lot worse, as Sharonia explains over her Insta Story:

Source: Facebook

“Just got back from Police Cantonment Complex from 14 hours locked up, because W Hotels Singapore accused me of bringing drugs to their hotel. But it’s an armpit powder to make your armpit less stinky lol. And they didn’t ask me first what is it.

And they arrested me and my friends for 14 hours. Thank you W Hotels for a nice birthday present.”

So how badly broken was the shower door to warrant that quick conclusion?

Source: Facebook

And what about that ‘suspicious bag of powder that may-or-may-not be drugs’?

Source: Facebook

Young Woman Gets Arrested At 5-Star Hotel After They Mistook Her Deodorant Powder For Drugs - WORLD OF BUZZ

Source: Facebook

Without even giving them time to explain however, hotel staff who arrived at her room immediately accused her of throwing a drug party in the hotel room. As you can imagine, they called the cops right after that and had the girls hauled in.

Bear in mind, the girls were treated like legitimate criminals during this period and were hauled out in front other hotel guests in handcuffs, before being thrown into a jail cell that didn’t even have a bed to sleep on for over 14 hours, while only providing them one meal.

Source: Facebook

After that entire ordeal, W Hotels even asked the girls to pay for the broken shower door that they had been trapped in! The Singaporean police have since cleared the girls of all charges when their urine samples came back negative.

Yikes, with an ordeal like that, it’s hard to imagine that there could be any worse way to spend a birthday party. We hope that the girls aren’t too traumatised by this experience!


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